THE Marvelous Mr Kehoe Coaching 23.7.23

THE Marvelous Mr Kehoe Coaching 23.7.23
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Posted By: Gaynor Pawley
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Date Posted: Sun, 23 Jul 2023
Another great coaching weekend with the Marvelous Mr Kehoe!

Coaching sessions are always fantastic especially when they are day sessions. On Sunday 24th July Craig joined us for the second time this year to help us with polishing our singing techniques in preparation for the LABBS convention in October.

As usual there were plenty of tips and tricks to help us to be better singers, and of course plenty of laughter along the way.
GEM is not about gathering all the best singers and performers to make the ‘GEM sound’. We encourage singers to grow and learn and support everyone to be better at what they do.

With a mixture of weekly warmup and technical help from our own Delyth and also visiting coaches; this year from Craig’s voice coaching to Theresa’s performance coaching there is so much support for everyone.

If you think you have what it takes and want to learn how to sing and perform better, then why not come and visit us?