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  •  Mon, 24 Sep 2018
    This month has seen a veritable feast of coaching for our GEMs! 

    Our regular performance coach, the wonderful Theresa Weatherbee, made the trip over from Canada to help us work on adding to our 'Cabaret' package. We performed the original two song package at convention last October, coming fourth in the national LABBS chorus competition - a fantastic result that we were all very proud of, and we got so many fabulous comments about our performance! So, we're very happy to say that Heather Lane, tenor extroardinaire and a very in-demand arranger, has added another two songs to the set! We're working on the first of those at the moment, and Theresa has helped us to bring it roaring to life with comedy, characterisation and a whole load of sass. And of course, after a hard day's coaching all Saturday, it's the natural GEM response to go out for a few drinks and a slap up meal...and, of course, some singing! So off we trotted to our favourite haunt, The Butcher's Bar in Long Eaton (thoroughly recommended!).

    Add to that a coaching session from Sally Maclean, our fab vocal coach and legend of the barbershop world, to brush up on some of our regular repertoire songs (old favourites and new additions) ready for our show in November. 

    It's been a great opportunity for our new GEMettes to get some world-class coaching and really delve into our songs - songs they're doing a fantastic job of learning very quickly ready to showcase to you!

    So if you want to see the fruits of our labours for yourselves, and be treated to a great night's entertainment from across the GEM family, click on the big blue banner on the homepage and get your tickets for 'New Connections' - we'd love to see you there!

  • GEM hosts LABBS Education Day
  •  Wed, 22 Aug 2018
    GEM hosts LABBS Education Day
    The association to which we belong (Ladies' Association of British Barbershop Singers) is a national body of 55 women's choruses from right across the country - and we were delighted to host one of their recent regional education days!

    Our director Rachael and music judge and arranger extraordinaire Heather compered a fantastic day of warm ups, tags and working on this year's LABBS polecat (a song the whole organisation learns each year so we can all sing in a 2000+ strong chorus when we get together at convention) - 'Anthem' from the musical 'Chess'. It's a great rousing number, and now knowing what it sounds like with a chorus of around 120, it's going to be amazing at convention!

    We were joined by so many choruses from across our region, and some even came from as far afield as Devon!! As always it was an absolute pleasure to share the joy of being in a chorus and being a part of this wonderful artform - and a pleasure to put on one of our famous GEM spreads to feed and water everyone through the day. If you've never been to a GEM event, make sure you do as our cakes alone are worth a visit...

  • Motivation from Mo
  •  Thu, 16 Aug 2018
    Motivation from Mo
    Vocal performance coach extraordinaire Mo Field came to visit GEM recently, to work with us on a new song for our repertoire. Mo is a veritable legend in the barbershop world (and far beyond) and took us on a fascinating journey with a new approach to performance for GEM.

    The biggest bonus of doing what we do is connecting with our audience, and taking them on a journey through a song. We work very hard as a pretty sizeable ensemble to infuse everything we sing with meaning, emotion and depth - and when it's clear the audience are feeling it too, the rewards for us as performers are phenomenal.

    Mo's coaching took us all through a journey itself, fusing technical physical details about voice placement, power, breathing and stance with some intense, emotional storytelling to give the song so much life.

    Thanks Mo - we hope we do you proud when we get to deliver the song - if you want to see the fruits of our labours, make sure you come along to our show in November!

  • Picnic Performance in the Park
  •  Wed, 15 Aug 2018
    Picnic Performance in the Park
    GEM recently braved the mammoth heatwave to put on a performance in the grounds of the beautiful Hoar Cross Hall near Burton-on-Trent.

    Spa guests at the hotel were treated to a selection of songs from our repertoire as they lounged on the grass in 32 degree temperatures, sipping champers and nibbling canapes! Lucky things :)

    It was an absolute pleasure to perform in such a gorgeous place, despite the threat of melting on the spot - it's always fun to perform somewhere new, and we'd love to head back there again at some point! 

    We got some lovely comments and feedback from the assembled picnickers, some of whom weren't expecting to be serenaded - but nonetheless loved it.

    See you there next time ;)
  • Fundraising Frenzy!
  •  Tue, 14 Aug 2018
    Fundraising Frenzy!
    As you may already know, GEM have a really busy year ahead...not only are we getting our new GEMettes ready for our November show (more info to come), we're also preparing to head to Spain in April to compete at the Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers convention in Calpe - AND for our return to the LABBS convention stage in October 2019! Exciting times!

    Now as you'd imagine, this not only takes a Herculean logistical task which our various committees work wonders at, but it also takes funds! Our fundraising committee sets up events and occasions throughout the GEM year to keep the coffers ticking over so we can fund both our chorus activities but also give back to our wider communities and barbershop family - keep your eyes on our events over on our Facebook page as any opportunities to help us to do this (AND be treated to a GEM sing to boot) will be posted on there.

    Our Teddy Tombolas are a staple of the committee's activities, and you may well see them popping up at fairs, well dressings and the like all across the area - so if you have a stash of teddies that your kids have outgrown, bring them along to a rehearsal or pass them on to a GEM you know and we'll spruce them up and send them along to a new loving home :)
  • A couple of snaps from our performance in Ilkeston!
  •  Mon, 13 Aug 2018
    What a fab opportunity we had to sing in Ilkeston Market Place for the Beating Retreat & Sunset Ceremony! Erewash Borough Council invited us to come along and sing for a great crowd in a gorgeous location (despite the looming clouds!) - and we were treated to a performance from Ilkeston Brass and the Band of the Nottinghamshire Royal Engineers too.

    Thanks to EBC for the photos!

  •  Tue, 12 Jun 2018
    It's been a busy few weeks at GEM Towers, with extra rehearsals for our GEMettes working their way through the audition process, fundraising, getting a first listen of new songs and prepping for performances and other events!

    We started off this week with a fashion show fundraiser - our fab fundraising team put an event together last year and it was so successful and fun that another one was on the cards :)  There are always cracking bargains to be had on the rails, from loads of high street names as well as exclusive designers from across Europe - make sure you come along to the next one! Some snaps of our beautiful model GEMs in action...

    All in all, a fab night was had, with the tea, cakes and prosecco flowing - and more importantly, funds were raised to help support a big upcoming year for GEM - thanks to all who came along and contributed!

    We were also visited this week by Rob Haywood, the Social Media Manager/Guru for our brother association, the British Association of Barbershop Singers - over the last few years, both LABBS and BABS have been on hand to support each other in promoting and supporting our big events, most notably last October when LABBS hosted the European Barbershop Convention in Bournemouth, where we showcased our Cabaret package. It was great to work together with our BABS colleagues, and we're looking to do much more of it in future - especially with our fellow East Midlands clubs!

    Birthdays galore this week too, and from right across the GEM family - from (L-R) Ann, who devotedly keeps us provided with tea and biccies every single week and is one of our biggest cheerleaders, to Oranna, one of our longest serving members and our current Chair, to Gaynor, one of our absolutely brill new GEMettes!

    So another week gone, and another eventful one to come - we're performing in Ilkeston at a WWi centenary ceremony on Tuesday (see our events and the previous news item for details), and we've got the brilliant Sally McLean coming to see us for a full day of coaching on Saturday!

    Have a great week everyone :D

  • GEMettes pass their next audition!
  •  Wed, 2 May 2018
    GEMettes pass their next audition!
    As you may know, we held a six-week Love To Sing course back in January/February - we had a great crop of attendees who all love singing as much as we do, and from those attendees, fifteen (FIFTEEN no less) decided they'd like to have a go at being a full-time GEM! 

    Well, those fifteen are now working their way through our audition process and coming along brilliantly - we've got GEMettes (as we call them) across all four sections of the chorus, so tenor, lead, baritone and bass are all covered. 

    Last week, six out of the fifteen passed the second stage of the process, which incorporates a visual audition to our a capella version of 'Shine' by Take That - so our GEMettes had to learn moves as well as notes and words! No mean feat...but they all passed with flying colours, and we couldn't be happier for them. We've even got them doing a kickline already...

    So a huge congratulations to you all ladies - now get on those risers! :D

  • GEM appear in The Derby Telegraph this month
  •  Fri, 12 Jan 2018
    GEM appear in The Derby Telegraph this month
    Here's a great article about who we are and what we do. Thanks Derby Telegraph.
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