Musical Director

Rachael Murphy

Since GEM Connection was formed, in May 1998, Rachael has been privileged to be our Chorus Director, working alongside our fabulous Assistant Director, Music Team and Coaches, and heading up our Artistic Performance team.  Rachael is extremely proud of what GEM has achieved within LABBS (Ladies Association of British Barbershop), over the years, aiming for real, pushing-the-boundaries, thematic, character driven performances.  "Cabaret", "Calamity Jane” and “West Side Story” "pieces of theatre" are contest packages that will live in her heart for ever.

Rachael started singing barbershop harmony after her mum joined Amber Valley Chorus - she went along to a show and became hooked at the age of fourteen!  She went along to rehearsals and was able to join, fully,  when she turned sixteen.  That was in 1988 and Rachael hasn’t looked back since. Her background is also in musical theatre, another passion, and she loves to mix the genres and create entertaining and emotionally-driven performances.

Standing in front of such a wonderful, diverse group of women is an absolute pleasure every rehearsal, encouraging GEMs to find their voice, confidence in performing and love of 4-part harmony.

Rachael is a Performance Judge for LABBS and she is known for "Keeping it Real" and “Believability”, digging deep and helping to create authentic performances with purpose and meaning, which is fundamentally interwoven with her professional life as a full-time Specialist Occupational Therapist for the NHS.

Rachael also sings Lead in Gen X barbershop quartet and is loving the freedom of singing herself.

“If you cut me in half, like a stick of rock, you would see “GEM Connection” running right through me.  It is one of the greatest loves of my life, which never ceases to amaze me.”

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