Though the lens - Dress Committee

Though the lens - Dress Committee
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Posted By: Gaynor Pawley
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Date Posted: Mon, 13 Mar 2023
Through the lens - Dress committee

GEM isn’t just about singing! Our dress committee works hard on our image behind the scenes.

Zoe and Tina are our current dress committee and have been helped in the past by many talented GEM’s. We are blessed with many skilled, arty people who can do dressmaking and are also able to make fantastic props. The best of these was our spectacular ‘Calamity Jane’ package for LABBS convention in 2019. This was probably the most intricate staging we have done in recent years, but was an incredible experience to all have a different character to play and a bespoke outfit.

Each Convention brings a new challenge to select outfits that fit the theme of the package, and this year is no different, so the team are busy as usual. The dress committee liaise with the performance team to ensure the complete look and feel is achieved.

In addition to the outfits and props, the team ensures that makeup and hair meet the target look, whether it is a ‘package’ or a ‘walk out’ event. Guidelines on the stage makeup required are conveyed through videos, crib sheets or one to one help for new members and anyone not confident in using makeup. Stage makeup can be a great unknown for new members joining us, but help is always on hand to achieve the right amount and style. Our ‘Cabaret’ for instance is challenging as it needs to have a very doll like quality, being bright and brash as it was in the film.

We have a few different ‘Walk Out’ outfits used for events when we want to portray our GEM brand. Our latest is a navy branded T shirt which also shows which part we sing and looks great when we are all together. We complete the look with a Purple branded hoody and a GEM scarf.

For other concerts we sometimes wear all black which is complemented with a gorgeous handmade corsage, in various colours, which have been made by Tina.

Over the years we have had many different coloured T shirts and this has ended up with our lovely ‘Sweet Pea” look, which is useful for trips and convention days when we all meet for breakfast or are on trips. It gives everyone chance to pick a pastel colour from the selection. When new GEMs join they get to select as many colours as they can from what is available.

If you think you have what it takes to sing and perform as a GEM, why not get in touch and come along and see for yourself?

Or if you want to see us in our stage outfits then our next show is on 10th June 2023, don’t miss it!