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Posted By: Rachel Watson
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Date Posted: Mon, 24 Sep 2018
This month has seen a veritable feast of coaching for our GEMs! 

Our regular performance coach, the wonderful Theresa Weatherbee, made the trip over from Canada to help us work on adding to our 'Cabaret' package. We performed the original two song package at convention last October, coming fourth in the national LABBS chorus competition - a fantastic result that we were all very proud of, and we got so many fabulous comments about our performance! So, we're very happy to say that Heather Lane, tenor extroardinaire and a very in-demand arranger, has added another two songs to the set! We're working on the first of those at the moment, and Theresa has helped us to bring it roaring to life with comedy, characterisation and a whole load of sass. And of course, after a hard day's coaching all Saturday, it's the natural GEM response to go out for a few drinks and a slap up meal...and, of course, some singing! So off we trotted to our favourite haunt, The Butcher's Bar in Long Eaton (thoroughly recommended!).

Add to that a coaching session from Sally Maclean, our fab vocal coach and legend of the barbershop world, to brush up on some of our regular repertoire songs (old favourites and new additions) ready for our show in November. 

It's been a great opportunity for our new GEMettes to get some world-class coaching and really delve into our songs - songs they're doing a fantastic job of learning very quickly ready to showcase to you!

So if you want to see the fruits of our labours for yourselves, and be treated to a great night's entertainment from across the GEM family, click on the big blue banner on the homepage and get your tickets for 'New Connections' - we'd love to see you there!